This house on Zamorenova Street was built under special conditions set out in the developer's contract with the city of Moscow strictly defining the territory that could be occupied by the building. The building's configuration changed several times during the process of clearing the lot for construction. The final result is the paradoxical siting of the house with its «yard facing the street» due to the inconsistency in scale between the nine-storey building and the two-storey block which flanks it on Zamorenova Street (it proved impossible to move existing residents out of the Latter block). It is assumed that during subsequent development of this district, the house will be visually set apart from Zamorenova Street by a larger structure, thus completing the enclosure of the house's inner yard. The house has three main staircases, 49 apartments with an average floor area of 150 square metres, and offices on the first floor, and is equipped with a small car park for 28 cars (situated under the internal courtyard).